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How a Terms Works

We break up the calendar year into blocks called terms. Typically a term is spent in a single country.

Within each terms, we visit two different locations, which we call Session A and Session B.

The standard schedule for a term looks like the following:


Travel is better with friends.

We’ve traveled alone, and we’ve traveled in community — there’s just something sweet about sharing experiences with others.

At the Traveling Circus, you can count on feeling a sense of belonging and making lifelong memories with friends, even if you’ve just met.

A great way to build community together is through weekly rhythms.

From Sunday morning soccer matches, to mid week dinners, to Friday movie nights — we can all co-create a sense of belonging and lasting friendships through shared experiences.

How Lodging Works

Some people really enjoy co-living; other folks prefer their space.

Some enjoy splurging on upscale accommodations while others are on a tighter budget.

The Traveling Circus tries to accommodate all these options by prioritizing locations with ample Airbnb/short rental options and by allowing each family to book their own lodging.

If you need help finding lodging or would like an introduction to other families that prioritize co-living, please reach out to Jeremiah and Abigail. We’re happy to help.

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